About Me

Hi, I am Raju

My interests include Programming especially for Robotics.

I contribute to various opensource projects in different ways as a coder, software packager, or by talking about them at different conferences and workshops.

I mostly contribute to Debian and Hamara Linux I contribute to various other FOSS projects in bits and pieces. I also regularly talk about Debian at many conferences and local meetups.

I also have interest in Robotics and have participated in competitions such as Robocon as a student. Because of this I have significant expertise with Arduino and different microcontroller boards as well as different Single Board Computers

I mostly work with Shell scripting and C/C++ and sometimes HTML/css

Puzzle solving also interests me. I can solve about 4 different kind of puzzles including 3x3 Rubiks Cube, 2x2, Silver/Golden Mirror Cube & Mega Minx.