Creating a Debian KVM machine using virt-manager

To-do: Create a Debian 9 KVM machine on a server

Install virt-manager to your system

STEP I Connect to the host machine which will host KVM machines using its IP adrress in virt-manager

Start virt-manager File –> Add connection select Connect to remote host Method: SSH username: username of the remote server hostname: ip of the remote server

Now the remote machine could be seen as connected in your virt-manager

STEP II Creating the Debian KVM machine

  • Click on the button for Create a new virtual machine

You can give path of a local install media. I prefer using the Network Install option

  • Select the Network Install(HTTP, FTP, or NFS) option Forward
  • Give the URL for debian network install repositories. Do not give the link for a net install iso images. They didn’t worked for me. The URL should contain the installer tree the files required for a system to boot and begin installation like initrd and related files.

    Some of the URLS which will work

  • On the further screens customise the server configurations for CPU or or RAM as required for your setup.
  • When you click begin installation wait for your host to pull in the installation files from the remote operating system URL.

  • Complete the installation as required.

Further Notes:

To create the machine using command line by using virt-install command

To create a debian stretch machine using command line.

virt-install --virt-type kvm --name devel-repo-server --location --extra-args "console=ttyS0" -v --os-variant debianstretch --disk size=50 --memory 2048

you can sheck description of the individual flags by looking at the man page of virt-install man virt-install

And you should have a debian KVM machine setup.

Note; This blog post is typed in a hurry & written to be used as a reference for my self and others if I need to revisit the instructions for it.