Hyprland Installation on Debian Sid/Unstable

Hyprland Installation on Debian Sid/Unstable

Hyprland is dynamic tiling Wayland compositor based on wlroots.

It is an interesting new project that caught my eye because of looking at some eye candy desktop setups on Unixporn

I have tried multiple window managers and desktop environments, but I keep falling back to i3wm because of my muscle memory fixed to its key bindings and anything else feels limiting.

However I met Vysakh at DebConf23 and he asked me to give another try to Hyprland.

Vysakh sent me an easy setup script for setting up Hyprland on Debian

It's located at https://github.com/Senshi111/debian-hyprland-hyprdots

using the script did not go smoothly because the during the compilation pkgconfig was getting the wrong version of wayland-protocols package.

While debian has version 1.32, the build was taking 1.24 and my builds were failing because of an older version number.

Some of my issues and there solution are also mentioned in the issue here.

Vysakh debugged the issue along with me for over 3 hours and we finally found that the issue was gnome-core used by some of the apps that I used with snaps. For some reason value of version of wayland-protocols was being supplied by the snap instead of my locally installed native package.

After removing the snap packages, the builds went fine and I had a running hyprland desktop.

And it is awesome!

probably I will switch from i3wm this time.

default hyprland desktop

hyprland desktop with the kitty terminal running neofetch

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